Food systems that support transitions to healthy and sustainable diets
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FEAST aims to catalyse Europe’s just transition to a ‘Win-Win-Win-Win' food system that sees major gains for people, the planet, and the public and private sectors.
Congress at IPVC and CIM Alto Minho in 2023. Group of people in discussion

Activity Areas

FEAST aims to advance the state of the art by leveraging current best practice and co-designing novel solutions throughout Europe with food system stakeholders, including diverse vulnerable groups, to identify how they can be supported and empowered to facilitate and benefit from the just transition to ...


Kids cooking Guldborsgund Living Lab

Local Communities

The living labs will promote co-creation of innovative solutions in real-world settings and will leverage the participation of end-users by gathering their real-world insights and local knowledge. To ensure representation across the EU, FEAST’s will include living labs from rural areas, small/medium cities and associated large city ...


Serving food

Food for Thought

In this area, we would like to provide you with up-to-date information on relevant topics related to FEAST’s research topic, discuss and present new studies on the topics that FEAST addresses, and present the work of our research partners, as well as our municipal partners