IPVC NN conference poster

IPVC conference poster

This conference poster was presented at the NetworkNature annual meeting 2023 in Brussels. It presents how IPVC and the living lab Alt Minho implement the concept of an inclusive school.

FEAST data managemetn plan teaser image

Data Management Plan

“Good data management and stewardship is not a goal in itself, but rather a pre-condition supporting knowledge discovery and innovation”. The structure of the FEAST DMP follows the structure of the template provided by the EU for Horizon Europe projects. This document is the first version of the FEAST DMP; the DMP will be continuously updated during the course of the project.

Deassimination Exploitation and Commnunication Plan

DEC Plan

Efficient and effective Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication (DEC) will be essential in helping to achieve FEAST’s strategic objectives. The DEC activities will be developed leveraging the full spectrum of knowledge and skills inherent within the FEAST consortium, including partners’ knowledge on cultural differences and norms for European citizens and especially vulnerable groups. 

FEAST onepager dark thumbnail

FEAST one-pager

The FEAST one-pager is a poster that summarises the most important facts of the project.
Due to its small format DIN A3, it is easy to produce and can be used with great flexibility even in confined spaces.

FEAST design guidelines thumbnail
Corporate Identity

FEAST Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines (DG) manual summarises the components of the FEAST visual identity. 

FEAST logo package
Corporate Identity

FEAST Logo package

This zip contains the FEAST logo as png, jpg, and svg files. 

FEAST map overview

FEAST map overview

The FEAST map shows the locations of our living labs and associated sites in the respective food regions in Europe.

FEAST stakeholder levels

FEAST stakeholder overview

This infographic gives an overview of FEAST activities at the micro, meso, and macro levels and how to address the stakeholders.