Living Lab activities supporting the local food challenges

FEAST is reaching every corner of Europe through its well-distributed network of Living Labs, which includes municipalities directly representing ~3.35 million individuals across different European contexts and varied food system actors through our small city and rural partners and an additional 14 million individuals through our associated large city living labs – this provides the ideal avenue for identifying and recruiting vulnerable populations for our co-creation actions.  

Each living lab is dedicated to a unique vision. For instance, the living lab at Avignon promotes “Good Food at School” by offering healthy meals to around 3000 to 5000 children per day through its 36 canteens. Likewise, the living lab at LEADER Weinregion Donauviertel aims to enhance the food options provided at the canteens of manufacturing and service companies,  specifically those situated within industrial zones.

Other than spreading knowledge about sustainable diets and offering healthy meals to the schools and community caterings, our living labs also focuses on keeping food cultures alive. For instance, Sitia living lab emphasises on identifying effective methods and solutions that can be implemented locally to ensure the long-term sustainability of Sitia olive oil by identifying the production and marketing challenges of olive oil in the Municipality, thereby, improving the quality of cultivation as well as maintaining the traditional Mediterranean diet.

FEAST Living Labs