Community of Practice for Food & Health

What is it?

The Community of Practice (CoP) for Food & Health is an international collaborative network initiated by the FEAST project. The CoP leverages our cross-Europe exposure through the networks of FEAST partners and organisations that builds on and scales the results of past and ongoing research projects on the topics of Food & Health. 
The CoP community functions as a digital platform that brings together relevant European stakeholders, predominantly Living Labs, for targeted exchange on topics within the CoP scope, as there are: (1) behavioral change, (2) health inequalities, (3) food environments, and (4) health policies. Within this scope, the CoP pursues three main objectives, namely: facilitating knowledge brokerage, generating policy impact and stimulating stakeholder dialogue. 

Until now, 19 Living Labs from 11 European countries have boarded the CoP train.

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CoP focus areas

The Community of Practice sessions

In terms of concrete activities within the Community of Practice for Food & Health, FEAST partner SUSMETRO coordinates and facilitates online exchanges between Living Labs, establishing links with the wider network environment consisting of the FOOD2030 Project Collaboration Network, the Sustainable Food System Network (SFSN) and others to jointly support the transitions to healthy and sustainable diets for all. 
These type of knowledge brokerage sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis and explores the intersection of food and health based on thematic cases proposed by the CoP community themselves. The proposed cases offer deep dives into a certain issue within the community with the goal of sharing knowledge and to examine possible solutions, methods or strategies for advancing with the ambitions and needs of the Living Lab in question. 
It is therefore a platform of inspiration, co-creation and the outcomes of the discussions can be used as actionable items for a range of stakeholders active in the agri-food sector, including the LL staff itself.

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CoP Food & Health Compacts 

We have prepared detailed summaries of our previous sessions for you. Don't miss out on the valuable knowledge we've collected. Click on the links below to start exploring

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Does this spark your interest? The CoP sessions are open to all relevant Living Labs from FEAST and other food- related EU projects.

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