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Open to all FEAST Living Labs and EU food-related projects, our CoP meetings feature sessions every three weeks on collaborative topics addressing food & health issues with special attention to the role of Living Labs.


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We have prepared detailed summaries of our previous sessions for you. Don't miss out on the valuable knowledge we've collected. Click on the links below to start exploring

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A Recap of our last CoP meetings

Thalia Tsaknia & Katarina Riviou – Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) Living Lab in Athens // April 17th, 2024

They have presented an interesting case on the topic of food & nature-based solutions for education. 
EA is an educational institution in Athens comprising school, a centre for teachers training and an R&D department. During the almost 26 years of operation, they have run more than 280 projects, which focus on school innovation and local community impact.
With the use of the Open Schooling method, local communities and other stakeholders become agents in the shaping and implementation of innovative teaching and learning processes at schools connected to EA.

Arlind Xhelili from the CSCP – LIKE A PRO Living Labs // June 5th, 2024

CSCP (Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production) is an international, non-profit think and do thank in Germany and is the overarching coordinator of the LIKE A PRO Living Labs. This network of labs serves as a platform for EU consumers to discuss and explore their attitudes towards alternative proteins for healthier and more sustainable food consumption patterns.

During this presentation, Arlind showcased and presented the overall living labs process and methodologies and will share his insights on both the opportunities and challenges of this Living Lab project.

Looking for speakers for CoP Food & Health sessions in July!

Are you a Living Lab or organization working on the topic of food and education?  Do you face a specific challenge, and could the experiences and expertise of other Living Labs and organizations help you find solutions?
Then, we are looking for you!


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