The siren song of “miracle cures” for obesity:

People don’t become obese overnight.

Given the negative impact obesity has on so many aspects of our lives - for the individuals affected, their families, all the way up to health and social care systems that pay for the care and the lost productivity resulting from obesity – it is not something we can ignore.

Bringing to market an obesity drug, however, such as the recently approved Novo Nordisk drug, will not offer a miracle cure despite what the marketers say; it may risk leading to worse health effects as set out below.

From Farm to Table

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women in all areas of life, and to recognize the continued struggles and obstacles that they face in achieving gender equality. In the realm of sustainability and food systems, women have played a crucial role in driving the transition to more sustainable and just food systems in Europe. One project that highlights this is FEAST, which seeks to engage diverse stakeholders, including vulnerable groups, to co-design sustainable and healthy food solutions at all levels of the food system.

FEAST project in short

Europeans are facing unprecedented challenges because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns, the increased cost of living, geopolitical tensions (particularly the war in Ukraine) and environmental pressures (severe heat, drought, wildfires, floods, etc.).  These challenges have knock-on effects on the availability and affordability of food for most Europeans, including healthier and more sustainable options.