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WP 1 & 9 Project Management & Ethics requirements

The overall purpose of the activity is to provide project management and coordination for the FEAST project across all other activites.

All partners will contribute to effective management through a contract and delivery of technical and financial reports.


  • To lead and support the overall management of the project (including financial, legal and administrative matters) by establishing management systems and protocols to minimize risks, including mitigation strategies and communication structures.
  • To serve as the point of contact for the EU Commission and ensure all deliverables are completed and milestones are met on time, on budget and to a high-quality standard.
  • To responsible conduct of research across all research WPs, including strict compliance to ethical guidelines and safe data management.
  • to organize major project meetings and coordinate the decision-making process in the FEAST Consortium, via the Steering Committee, and Scientific Advisory Board.
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Running a project like FEAST requires efficient and effective communication and project management. To this end, the University of Heidelberg is highly experienced in running large, complex research and innovation projects on time, on budget and in a way that delivers impact and generates value for money. Further to this, all of the work package leads   were agreed by our consortium for their experience in leading and delivering high impact projects on time and on budget.

FEAST’s governance structure consists of a Secretariat which will set the strategic direction and have oversight of ethical issues for the project. The Secretariat will also serve as a space for WP leads to learn/share from each other so that we can fully capitalise on the strong work package inter-linkages inherent in our inter- and trans-disciplinary design – this will ensure we avoid duplication and, importantly, deliver in a way where ‘the sum is greater than the parts’ and deliver the greatest value for the EC’s investment in FEAST. The Secretariat will also benefit from two advisory boards (one for Research and one for Innovation ) providing us with critical insights on the strategic direction of FEAST. In addition to setting the strategic functions, the Secretariat will also be a safe space for WP leads to discuss any operational issues that may arise during the course of the project so we can mitigate and manage risks as efficiently and effectively as possible and create workarounds when needed.  Operational and Tactical management of WPs will be led by WP leads within WPs. Finally, a General Assembly of all FEAST partners will meet twice a year to share their ideas, concerns and expectations, which will further inform the strategic direction of the project.